LATISSEĀ® Eyelash Treatment in Dallas

Eyelash Growth Treatment

Have you always wanted longer, fuller, lusher eyelashes? Have your lashes grown thin or sparse with age? LATISSEĀ® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is an effective treatment. LATISSEĀ® is not a temporary fix or a cosmetic illusion. It encourages the growth and thickening of your natural lashes for real results that last. LATISSEĀ® is the only prescription treatment for eyelash growth approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Get the facts about LATISSEĀ®:

  • LATISSEĀ® is a once-a-day topical treatment, applied to the base of the upper eyelashes for results in as little as eight weeks and total results 12 to 16 weeks into treatment.
  • LATISSEĀ® was developed by Allergan, a giant in the pharmaceutical eye care market backed by 60 years of experience and research.
  • LATISSEĀ® is effective because of its ingredient, bimatoprost, and secures real and lasting results from the inside out.
  • LATISSEĀ® produces noticeable, measurable results: thicker, fuller, darker lashes, with 78% of participants reporting significant eyelash increase by week 16 in a clinical study.
  • LATISSEĀ® isĀ notĀ an over the counter drug; it is a prescription treatment, so talk to ourĀ Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex ophthalmologistsĀ about whether or not this medication is a good fit for you.

Speak with Our Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex Eye Doctors About LATISSEĀ®

Itā€™s important to discuss LATISSEĀ® with your doctor and to carefully follow usage guidelines. In a clinical study, approximately 4% of participants reported itchy eyes and/or redness while using LATISSEĀ®. While these side effects went away quickly and were not symptoms of any allergic reaction, it is important to remember that using LATISSEĀ® requires patience. Only use the recommended amount, and donā€™t play ā€œcatch upā€ by doubling the dose if you miss one. You also must only use sterile, FDA-approved LATISSEĀ® applicators. Less common side effects have also been reported, including irritation, dryness, eyelid redness, hyperpigmentation, and potential increased brown iris pigmentation.

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