Eyelid Surgery after Facial Nerve Palsy

What is Facial Nerve Palsy?

The facial nerve is a nerve that travels between the brain and controls the movements of the face like smiling, frowning, raising the eyebrows and opening and closing the eyes. Trauma, stroke, surgery, Bells Palsy, and infection can cause temporary or permanent paralysis. Facial nerve palsy, also known as lagophthalmos can cause problems with closing the eye resulting in dryness, pain and a decrease in vision.

How is Facial Nerve Palsy Treated?

In some cases, these conditions may resolve on their own. Lubricating eye drops can help with the dryness. For some, surgery is necessary to protect the eye or to help it close properly. Weights may be sewn in under the skin to help the upper eyelid close, a saggy lower eyelid may be tightened to help the lower eyelid close or the corners of the eyelids might be partially sutured to help close the eyelids. These treatments may be reversed if the condition improves later. If the condition is permanent, surgery to lift the eyebrows may also be performed to improve symmetry in the face. Lubricating eye drops may be necessary indefinitely.

Am I a Candidate for Facial Nerve Palsy Treatment?

The first step it to have a consultation with an oculoplastic specialist. Treatment is medically necessary and will be considered by your insurance. Your insurance company may want to review photos and preauthorization may be required.

When Can I Return to Normal Activities?

Returning to normal activities will depend on treatment of your facial nerve palsy.

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