Tear Duct Repair Surgery in Dallas

Signs You May Need Tear Duct Repair Surgery

  • DCR (Dacryocystorhinostomy) - A DCR is a procedure to bypass a blocked nasolacrimal duct (tear duct or tear drain). As you age, your natural tear drain may narrow or close making it difficult for your tears to drain through the normal drainage system. We will evaluate all of the potential causes of tearing and determine a treatment plan based on your symptoms and examination. This assessment often involves irrigation of the tear duct to detect a true blockage and nasal endoscopy to visualize the other side of the tear drain (in the nose). All of this can be performed on your first consultation.
  • Pediatric probe and stent - Nasolacrimal tear duct obstruction is a condition that affects children in some cases from birth, which prevents the tears from draining properly. We offer a quick procedure where the tear duct is dilated and a tiny tube is placed in the blocked duct to help improve drainage. Sterile saline is then used to help clean the blocked duct. Most children recover from this procedure very quickly.

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