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Welcome to Key-Whitman Eye Center. We are so glad you have chosen to book your vision correction consultation with our team. Our consultation are free, and we can answer any of your questions, so you know what to expect. To get the best measurements, please stop wearing your soft contact lenses three full days before your visit.

During your consultation, we will take some preliminary measurements which will help us determine your candidacy. We’ve also reserved a time for the comprehensive vision correction exam to follow your consultation that will confirm for sure that your eyes are right for vision correction and to give your surgeon the measurements needed to plan for your procedure.

If we suspect that vision correction isn’t right for you, the appointment may end there without a charge, or if you choose, we may look to see what other alternatives are available to you or we can complete the exam updating your eyeglass prescription. However, if your eye health appears good, please plan to spend up to two hours at our office for the consultation and exam. Your eyes will be dilated for some of our measurements and to confirm the health of the back of your eye. Please bring sunglasses to wear home, as dilation may make your eyes very sensitive to light for a short time. If needed, we have disposable sun protection that will fit on the inside of your glasses.

The cost of the comprehensive exam is $150 which will be applied to the total cost of your procedure if you plan to move forward with vision correction within 90 days of your consultation.