Laser Cataract Surgery in Dallas

Why Choose Laser Cataract Surgery?

Traditional, manual cataract removal a routine surgery with high success rates, but our Chief Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Whitman, prefers laser cataract surgery, because he believes it provides better precision and greater safety.


Contact us to discuss what your options are for laser cataract surgery in Dallas. Our team looks forward to helping you improve your overall vision.


Benefits of the Femtolaser Cataract Surgery

The Femtosecond laser enables your surgeon to see your cataract in high resolution and use a computer-controlled laser beam to perform some of the more delicate portions of cataract surgery including:

  • Making the corneal incisions
  • Creating the opening of the capsule surrounding your cataract
  • Precisely treating your astigmatism
  • Softening the cataract for its removal

This laser offers increased precision when making incisions. Traditionally, cataract surgery was performed with a metal scalpel blade. The femtolaser allows our doctor to pinpoint an exact location using length and width for increased precision.

There are multiple advantages to using this laser during your Dallas cataract surgery. Make an appointment at one of our locations to discuss your specific situation and how the femtolaser can help you achieve improved vision.

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