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Preparing for Your Visit

At Key-Whitman Eye Center, we are dedicated to excellent optical care for all our patients. We do this by offering extensive resources in eye self-examinations, as well as doctor referral forms for treatments and procedures you may need.

Whether you have a serious eye condition or need to know the definition of an unfamiliar ophthalmology term, we invite you to please refer to this page to educate yourself on our services as well as general information on how to maintain good vision and overall eye health.

Our practice offers the following resources and more:

Committed to Clinical Research

To continue our advancement in optical surgical treatments and to stay ahead in our field, we invest in the latest technology and are dedicated to providing patients with a multitude of options to participate in clinical trials. We ultimately believe our doctors can achieve successful results and better outcomes. Besides, all of our clinical trials are compliant with FDA guidelines and uphold the highest standard of medical research.

To learn more or to sign up for a clinical trial, apply online or call us at (214) 935-5618 today!