Eyelid Reconstruction after Mohs Surgery

What are Mohs Surgery and Eyelid Reconstruction?

The goal of Mohs Surgery is to remove cancerous tissue while preserving the maximum amount of unaffected tissue. A Mohs surgeon is a specialized dermatologist who removes skin cancers and analyzes the tissue removed in real time to determine that the entire cancer has been removed. When skin cancers are on or near the eyelid, often a Mohs surgeon recommends reconstruction by an oculoplastic specialist, because rebuilding the eyelid is a delicate procedure and requires special expertise.

How is Eyelid Reconstruction after Mohs Surgery Performed?

The Mohs surgeon will remove the affected tissues layer by layer until there is no evidence of cancer. The oculoplastic surgeon will reconstruct the area. Typically, this is performed the same day or within a few days after Mohs surgery in an outpatient facility. The goals of eyelid reconstruction are to recreate eyelids that open, close, and protect the eye, while also appearing aesthetically pleasing. Each situation is unique because each skin cancer is unique. Reconstruction may involve borrowing tissue from other places (skin grafts or flaps), and it may require the eye to be closed or patched for several weeks.

Am I a Candidate for Mohs Eyelid Surgery and Reconstruction?

The first step is to have a consultation with an oculoplastic specialist. From there, we will coordinate with the Mohs surgeon for the best treatment plan. She may perform a biopsy during your consultation to formulate the best plan for you. Mohs surgery and reconstruction is medically necessary and will be considered by your insurance. Your insurance company may want to review photos and preauthorization may be required.

When Can I Return to Normal Activity?

Expect bruising and swelling after surgery, a majority of which resolves within 2 -4 weeks. Patients must avoid strenuous activity or heavy lifting for 1 week after surgery. Patients may return to work typically within 5-7 days, depending on the extent of the surgery.

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