Eyelid Removal

What are Eyelid Tumors?

Eyelid tumors are bumps or growths on or around the eyelid may that be malignant or benign.

How are Eyelid Tumors Removed?

Most eyelid growths can be removed in the office setting on the same day as your initial consultation, often with a biopsy to determine the exact type of growth and rule out cancer. For larger tumors that appear cancerous, a small biopsy may be taken first to get a diagnosis, and removal of the entire tumor will be at a later date. Dr Pfeiffer often works with Mohs surgeons to remove skin cancer, and then she will reconstruct the area in an outpatient facility to rebuild the eyelid or surrounding areas.

Am I a Candidate for Eyelid Tumor Removal?

The first step it to have a consultation with an oculoplastic specialist. From there, we will determine if removal of the growth is indicated. She may perform a biopsy during your consult to formulate the best plan for you. Surgical removal and reconstruction is medically necessary and will be considered by your insurance. Your insurance company may want to review photos and preauthorization may be required.

When Can I Return to Normal Activity?

If patients have a small growth removed in the office, they can return to normal activity immediately. A small amount of bruising and swelling is possible for several days. If a larger surgery is necessary, expect bruising and swelling, a majority of which resolves within 2 weeks. Patients must avoid strenuous activity or heavy lifting for 1 week after surgery. Patients may return to work typically within 5-7 days.

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