PanOptix Trifocal Lens

Key-Whitman Eye Center now offers the first FDA-approved trifocal lens implant available in the United States. The AcrySof PanOptix lens manufactured by Alcon is designed to deliver decreased reliance on glasses for near, intermediate, and distance vision compared to a monofocal lens. According to their data during the FDA trials, 99% of patients stated they would choose the same lens again.

This once in a lifetime high technology lens implant is also available in a toric version for patients with astigmatism.

Alcon PanOptix

  • Uses Enlighten Optical Technology which optimizes computer distance vision without compromising close-up or far-away vision
  • Its unique design allows for 88% of the light to transmit to the retina through a 3 mm pupil size for exceptional light utilization
  • It allows for better vision independent of pupil size or lighting conditions

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