Key-Whitman Cataract Experts Offer Vivity Lenses in Dallas

The Cataract Lens Implant That Optimizes Your Vision at Every Distance

Vivity® lenses are a new advancement in premium intraocular lenses that can be implanted during cataract surgery. Vivity lenses are different from traditional IOL lenses because they implement a new, non-diffractive technology called X-Wave™. The X-Wave technology works by providing protection against damaging UV rays, and it also filters blue light rays. X-Wave technology is made up of two smooth surface transition elements. The surfaces work together to stretch and shift the light. This allows the wearer to see with all of the light that is available, creating an uninterrupted range of vision, including when they are in brighter or dim lighting. This is the first kind of IOL non-diffractive lens that stretches and shifts the wavefront, creating an enhanced focal range. Never before has an inplantable contact lens been able to utilize light rays to optimize a patient’s vision.

With other IOL lenses, the light is often split into various separate focal points, which can result in glares, starbursts, and halos around lights after cataract surgery. However, with Vivity lenses, patients experience far fewer visual disturbances like this. This is especially helpful for patients who often drive at night. Driving at night can cause some issues with cataracts, but Vivity lenses can help solve that issue. Some of the other benefits of Vivity lenses include:

  • Excellent distance and in-between vision
  • Utilization of nearly all transmitted light coming into the eye
  • Enhanced ability to see up close
  • Option to correct astigmatism if necessary
  • Protection from the sun’s UV rays and harmful blue light from devices

Are Vivity Lenses Right for You?

The Vivity lens is ideal for patients who want to improve their intermediate and near range of vision. For that reason, the treatment is great for patients who spend a lot of time working on a computer, reading, sewing, or doing other activities that require a lot of focus. Even though the Vivity lenses do a great deal to improve patients’ vision, some patients opt to continue wearing their glasses. This will be different for each individual based on their natural eyesight abilities and preferences.

The highly respected manufacturer, Alcon, creates and distributes Vivity lenses. Alcon has a strong history of high-quality vision correction products. The Vivity lens is FDA-approved. To find out if you are a good candidate for Vivity lenses, make an appointment for an evaluation. If you have not been diagnosed with cataracts, we must first determine whether or not cataracts are an issue before moving forward with specific recommendations for your treatment. Ophthalmologists have reported that Vivity lenses are successful in treating patients with glaucoma and patients with some macular disorders, but each patient’s eligibility varies on a case-by-case basis.

If you are having cataract surgery and would like to learn more about the revolutionary Vivity lenses, call Key-Whitman Eye Center at (214) 220-3937 or contact us online.