Toric Lenses

Correcting Astigmatism in Dallas

Being dependent on glasses means you might struggle to find your glasses in the morning when you wake up, getting out of the shower, or in many other instances. Because eyeglasses can easily be lost or damaged, they are inconvenient to clean and maintain, and are costly to replace, they can be a hassle. Not to mention, many people don’t like the look or feel of glasses and prefer other types of vision correction, like contact lenses. The “Toric” contact lenses are an excellent option to treat astigmatism, but some users find them uncomfortable and have a hard time adjusting to wearing them.

If you have astigmatism, you may be discouraged there are fewer vision correction options available to you. However, you have several surgical options to treat it, from LASIK to astigmatism keratectomy, or limbal relaxing incisions. If you have a cataract(s) in addition to astigmatism, you have the additional option of having an implantable lens, which treats astigmatism and cataracts in the same procedure. Your eye doctor will help determine which option is suited to your unique needs. We currently offer the ACRYSOF® IQ TORIC IOL & Johnson and Johnson Eyhance Toric lenses.

See Your Best & Be Your Best

You may leave your glasses and contacts behind and recapture better distance vision in only one step with Toric lenses. You only get one pair of eyes in this lifetime. For that reason, vision correction decisions are among the most important you will ever make. Now, revolutionary new technology makes it possible for our eye surgeon to perform a single outpatient procedure in which the clouded cataract lens is exchanged for an artificial lens designed to correct astigmatism as well. You may be able to break free from eyeglasses or contact lenses for distance vision in just one step, without the need for additional eye surgical procedures.

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