Orbital Tumor Removal in Dallas

What are Orbital Tumors?

Orbital tumors are abnormal growths in the eye socket (orbit) that may be malignant or benign. These may be visible under the skin or push on the eye causing eye bulging (proptosis), double vision, or blurry vision. Often imaging with CT scan or MRI is needed to evaluate completely the extent of the tumor.

How are Orbital Tumors Removed?

Orbital tumors are typically removed in a hospital under general anesthesia. Sometimes the tumor can be removed completely; other times, a biopsy is first recommended to achieve a diagnosis. Treatment is often decided in conjunction with an oncologist and depends on the type of tumor.

Am I a Candidate for Orbital Tumor Removal?

The first step it to have a consultation with an oculoplastic specialist. Surgical removal is medically necessary and will be considered by your insurance. Your insurance company may want to review photos and preauthorization may be required.

When Can I Return to Normal Activity?

This depends on the extent of the tumor and the procedure needed.

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Eyelid or Orbit Trauma Repair and Reconstruction

Trauma to the eye and face can result in various problems including fractures of bones around the eye and tears or lacerations of the eyelids.

How is Periocular Trauma Treated?

The first step is a careful evaluation of any injury to the eye and vision. Each patient will also need an assessment of the eyelids, the orbit, and the tear duct system. CT scan may be necessary to evaluate for any orbital fractures. Depending on the severity of the injury, repair may take place in office, in an outpatient surgery center, or in a hospital. This may involve stitches to an eyelid laceration, stitches and stents to repair a lacerated tear duct, or implants to repair orbital fractures.

When Can I Return to Normal Activities?

Returning to normal activities will depend on the severity of the trauma.

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