Iq Restor® Overview

Until recently, life without reading glasses or bifocals wasn’t an option for most cataract patients, but now you now have that option. The IQ ReSTOR® IOL is a unique technological innovation that can provide you with enhanced image quality and a full range of vision – near, far, and everywhere in-between – for increased independence from reading glasses or bifocals!

How does the ReSTOR® IOL work?

As we perform daily activities such as reading, watching television, or working at the computer, our eyes are constantly focusing on objects at varying distances – up close, far away, and in-between. The ability to quickly change focus throughout our range of vision is called accommodation. Unfortunately, we begin to lose this ability as we grow older, gradually becoming more and more dependent on bifocals or reading glasses.

Thankfully, by combining the strengths of apodized diffractive and refractive technologies, the IQ ReSTOR® IOL can now provide quality near, intermediate and distance vision, and increased independence from reading glasses or bifocals. And now, with the addition of proven aspheric technology, the IQ ReSTOR® IOL takes the advancements one step further, for a lens with enhanced image quality and clarity.

Apodized Diffractive Technology

Diffraction involves the spreading of light as it passes through a lens. You’ll notice that, on the IQ ReSTOR® IOL, the center of the lens surface consists of a series of tiny rings – this is known as an apodized diffractive optic. Apodizationis the gradual tapering of different diffractive levels (or “steps”) on a lens, creating a smooth transition of light between distant, intermediate, and near focal points. This means is that the series of tiny steps in the center of the IQ ReSTOR® IOL work together to focus light, providing excellent near, intermediate and distance vision.

Refractive Technology

Refraction involves the redirection of light as it passes through a lens. The outer ring of the IQ ReSTOR® IOL is a refractive region designed for excellent distance vision. This refractive area bends light as it passes through the lens, accurately focusing it on the retina for a crisp, clear image.

Aspheric Technology

Even healthy eyes still contain some imperfections, or “aberrations.” Spherical aberration, a type of imperfection common to cataract patients, can eventually lead to a reduction in visual acuity and function. Thankfully, with the addition of a proven aspheric optic, the IQ ReSTOR® IOL can correct for these spherical aberrations, leading to enhanced clarity.

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